Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Head Teacher Update April 2016

HT Update – 19.04.16

Dear parents/carers,

I want to give you an update regarding today's events. I realise our current situation remains a very challenging one for all pupils, parents/carers and staff. However, despite the challenges we face, it is our responsibility as a staff to ensure we do everything we can to deliver the highest quality education possible to our young people and this very much remains our focus.

As you are aware, today was the first day our junior pupils travelled to WHEC. Bus arrangements were disrupted due to a serious accident that occurred on the city bypass. This resulted in a delay in buses arriving at Gracemount and substantially increased the travel time to WHEC.  I'm sure you can appreciate these circumstances were out with our control and we expect tomorrow to go as planned. Pupils should arrive at Gracemount in time for a 9.00am departure. 

Return journeys were much more straightforward although one bus for S3 pupils was considerably late. A member of staff was with the pupils at all times and we are working to rectify this issue in time for tomorrow. 

Once we arrived at WHEC the day went smoothly. Pupils were given a chance to see their classrooms and familiarise themselves with the school layout. The afternoon was spent in class with teachers and it was great to see learning and teaching taking place. 

At this stage we have taken the decision not to allow pupils out of the school grounds at lunchtime. This is simply a matter of health and safety as pupils are unfamiliar with the location and lunches are currently provided. Our leadership team will consider this carefully as pupils become more familiar with the school. No decision will be taken without informing parents/carers first. 

We continue to work on a suitable school timetable and details have been finalised for tomorrow, (Wednesday). I will continue to update you on a regular basis. Please be assured that significant progress has been made and key staff have been identified that will work from WHEC and accompany our pupils on school buses.

We are close to finalising arrangements for SQA examinations and I hope to make an announcement very soon regarding where pupils will sit their exams as well as updated arrangements for exam leave. 

Should you require further information then please continue to make initial contact with the relevant guidance teacher and or year head in the first instance and we will do all we can to answer your queries.

I will endeavour to keep you regularly updated via this blog. 

Kind regards,

Ross Hunter