Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Headteacher Update 6 - Tuesday 31st May

HT Update – Tuesday 31st May 

Dear parents/carers,

Return to Liberton High School

As you will be aware we have been planning on a return to Liberton for some time. The temporary units have now been installed are in place. As Head Teacher I’m delighted that, for the first time since before the Easter break, we will have our school on one site. 

After meeting with Stephen Kelly (Head Teacher at Liberton) both of us are in agreement that starting S1-3 pupils at Liberton on Friday 3rd June will be in the best interests of our young people. All pupils will be informed of this this afternoon at assemblies. This will give pupils in S1-3 an excellent opportunity to become familiar with Liberton High School and to begin their new timetables before the seniors arrive on Monday 6th June. 

I’m aware there are some parents who are in discussion with guidance staff regarding the move to Liberton. Any parent who is concerned and requires the support of the school should make immediate contact with the relevant guidance teacher via the normal channels.

Travel to Liberton

Pupils are expected to make their own way to and from Liberton High School. There will be access to travel passes for any pupil where travel is deemed to be an issue. Permission will be granted from guidance staff. Once permission is granted, travel passes can be collected from the school office at Liberton High School.

Structure of School Day

The structure of the school day at Liberton is very similar to that at Gracemount. It has been important to stick with the same structure of day so that we can maximise access to teaching and learning areas across the school. There is no registration time at Liberton; pupils will go straight to class and be registered there. Period 3 on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is extended as Liberton run a Key Adult Time session. 

Period 1 8.30am - 9.30am
Period 2 9.30am - 10.30am
Interval – 10.30am – 10.45am
P3 10.45am to 11.45am
P4 11.45am – 12.45pm
Lunctime – 12.45pm- 1.30pm
P5 1.30pm – 2.30pm (warning bell at 1.25pm)
P6 2.30pm to 3.25pm

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

P1 8.30am – 9.25am
P2 9.25am – 10.20am
Interval 10.20am – 10.35am
P3 10.35am – 11.55am
P4 11.55am – 12.50pm
Lunchtime 12.50pm – 1.35pm
1.35pm – 2.30pm (Warning bell at 1.25pm)
2.30pm – 3.25pm


P1 8.30am – 9.30am
P2 9.30am – 10.30am
Interval 10.30 – 10.50am
P3 10.50am – 11.45am
P4 11.45am – 12.40pm

Lunchtime Arrangements

Packed lunches will continue to be made available for pupils. These can be collected from the assembly hall which will be open as an additional space for pupils to use during interval and lunchtime from Monday 6th June. Pupils who want access to a hot meal will be able to purchase food using cash from the canteen. Any parent who does not wish their child to leave the building at lunchtime should contact the school before Monday 6th June.

As always, should you require further information or support please contact by telephone: 

0131 664 7514 (Liberton High School), 0131 442 2201 (Wester Hailes Education Centre) or by email: admin@gracemount.edin.sch.uk.

We look forward to being back in our community and ultimately to returning to the school in August.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the help and support we received from Wester Hailes Education Centre. I am extremely grateful for everything they have done to support us at this very difficult time.

Kind regards,

Ross Hunter
Head Teacher

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Head Teacher Update 5 - May 2016

HT Update – Monday 9 May

Dear Parent/Carer 

Senior School 

Senior pupils have now started their exam leave and a timetable has been issued which will enable pupils access to staff at Liberton High School throughout this period. All pupils are encouraged to make full use of this and where required, come into school to meet with staff in preparation for final exams. 

Very Important:

Many pupils still have outstanding units to pass. The school is making every effort to contact pupils and parents. However, pupils must also take a level of individual responsibility to ensure that all courses are complete. Any pupil or parent in any doubt should make immediate contact with the school through the normal channels. 

Meaningful May activities are planned for pupils who have no external exams e.g. all National 4 subjects or are sitting only 1 National 5. These begin on Monday 16 May with a compulsory week for all pupils based at Liberton High School. After this activities will be on offer for the remaining two weeks and pupils will be able to sign up for activities in which they wish to participate. More information will follow via e-mail, text and the school website.

SQA Update

Please follow the link to read the SQA Statement on Edinburgh school closures:


Junior School 

Most of our staff are now based at WHEC and this has enabled us to deliver a much more comprehensive timetable to all S1-3 pupils. This has certainly been a very positive step forward. 

All departments are working to combat the loss of time during the school day. A range of work will be issued to pupils and we would ask for parental support in ensuring that this work is completed at home when issued. All pupils in S1-2 should bring diary planners to school every day so that work set for home can be recoded in them. S3 pupils will record work on their iPads.

Lunchtime Arrangements

As of Tuesday last week pupils with permission from parents were allowed out of the school grounds at lunchtime. We have been signing pupils in and out of the building, however, so many requests have come in that this is proving to be very time consuming and delaying pupils at lunchtime. As of Wednesday this week pupils will be allowed out at lunchtime without signing out. Any parent who does not wish their child to leave the building at lunchtime should contact the school before Wednesday. Please note this is a change to previous arrangements. 

As always, should you require further information or support please contact staff on 0131 664 7514 (Liberton High School) or 0131 442 2201 (Wester Hailes Education Centre) or by email: admin@gracemount.edin.sch.uk.

Kind regards

Ross Hunter
Head Teacher