Monday, 21 June 2021

Headteacher Update 27 - Monday 21st June 2021


Dear Parent/Carers,


As we approach the Summer break I wanted to give a whole school update.  I appreciate there is a lot of information and hopefully the headings below will enable you to select what information is relevant for you and your child.


Last day of term

Our terms ends on Friday 25 June at 12 noon for all pupils.  There will be one break at 10.30am until 11am for all pupils. This will be a dress down day. Pupils can make a small donation to charity at the door if they wish to.


Return to school after summer

Monday 16th August – School In-service day – staff only

Tuesday 17th August – school in-service day – staff only

Wednesday 18 August All pupils return to school. Please note that it will be a staggered return for pupils to support transition of our new S1 pupils who have yet to visit the school due to Covid restrictions.

  • S1 Pupils – start at 8.30am
  • S2 and S3 pupils start at 10.35am
  • S4-6 pupils  start at 11.25 am


New timetable

Unfortunately, we were unable to start our new timetable before summer due to technical issues in our timetabling system. As a result, will start our new Timetable on 18 August, reverting to a 7-period day (subject to change if covid infection rates are high).


School Day from 18 August










Period 1



Period 1


Period 2



Period 2




10.20 - 10.35

Period 3


Period 3





Period 4



Period 5





13.05 – 13.50

Period 6



Period 7





School Dress Code

Our new school dress code will go live from 18 August. Parents can purchase items from the school on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 August or additionally purchase online. A link will be sent out separately. Asda, Sainsburys and Marks and Spencer’s also sell items suitable for school.


Our previous communication outlined the following requirements to adhere to our dress code :


  1. Dress code should include at least one item that identifies a pupil to the school. This would be a school shirt and tie (ties are provided to all students in S1 and again in S4) or a school branded hoodie, jumper or polo shirt.


  1. Hoodies can be worn if they are plain black (no branding) or school branded. No other hoodies will be accepted.


  1. Plain Black jeans –these are suitable for school. No ripped jeans will be permitted.


  1. Plain Black Leggings – will be allowed if they are of an appropriate thickness.


  1. Black shoes – whilst encouraged it was felt that the cost can sometime be an issue. The school would look to take a view that black shoes/trainers are strongly encouraged but not compulsory.


  1. Designer logos – no designer logo clothing will be permitted. This includes clothing with small branding e.g. Nike, Fred Perry, Stone Island etc. Please do not send your child to school with any branded clothing.


  1. Plain black Tracksuits/jogging bottoms – will be allowed. These should not be branded.


  1. Polo Shirts – school branded polo shirt will be available as an alternative to shirt/tie.


  1. Senior school S5/6 – blazers will not be compulsory except for prefects. Pupils in S5/6 can choose to wear a blazer and all prefects will be given a prefect badge to wear along with their blazer.


Infection Control Procedures

Upon their return to school we want our young people to continue to have a sense of responsibility for the safety of their school community. Further information regarding revised infection control procedures will follow during the summer.


Please be reminded that no one should attend school if they have any COVID symptoms. They should immediately self-isolate and book a test via a test centre or the NHS website


Alternative Certification Model

The school will be sending home provisional results to all students on Wednesday this week. This will also include information about the appeals system. An SQA certificate will follow on August 10.



We are pleased to welcome the following new staff to our school next session:


Mrs Lynsey-Stewart Young – Depute Head Teacher – start date to be confirmed

Mrs Cathy Adam – Curriculum Leader for Enhanced Support Base - start date to be confirmed

Miss Jenna Pinkney – PE probation teacher – start 16 August

Miss Gabrielle Jondet – Home Economics probation teacher -starts 16 August

Mr Liam Blain   - Drama probationer teacher - starts 16 August


At the time of writing we are still in the process of recruiting for the following posts


Temporary teacher of French/Spanish

Teacher of Support for Learning

PSO for Enhanced Support Base

PSA for Wellbeing Base

PSA for Enhanced Support Base


We will be saying farewell to Ms Heron in PE, Mr Hanlon in Music, Miss Duffield in Drama, Ms Mclaren in HE, Ms Henderson in the Wellbeing Base, Mr McLaren in Support for Learning and Ms Day in PE. We wish all our colleagues the very best of luck as they move on from Gracemount.



Our award winners will be recognised again this year in a sway and this will be made available to all our pupils and families later this week. I want to congratulate every award winner. Our pupils have shown great determination and resilience through this session and every award is very much deserved.


To all our community, thank you again for all you are doing to support the school. Please have a safe and enjoyable summer break.


Yours faithfully,


Ross Hunter

Head Teacher