Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Headteacher Update 26 - Wednesday 2nd September 2020


1 September 2020 

Dear Parent / Carer,


Parental involvement and engagement in our school

I wanted to write to all our parents and carers to let you know how we can support you in being involved and engaged in the life of Gracemount High School.

Every single young person and their family matters to us and as a parent/carer, feeling involved and part of the school is very important. You can be involved in school in several ways and I’ve outlined how below.

Parent Council

All parents/carers are automatically members of our parent council and you can attend any meeting. The dates for this session are below. Meetings are normally held in school and start at 6.30pm. They are finished by 8.30pm.

  • 7 September
  • 3 October
  • 20 January
  • 29 March
  • 6 June

For now, meetings will take place online via Microsoft Teams. If you wish to join the meeting, please email the admin inbox with your email address and you will receive an invite to the meeting on 7 September.

Contact Details

One way to ensure that you remain involved with the school is to ensure that your contact details, and those of emergency contacts are up to date. If you are unsure, please contact the school office.

Class Charts

This allows us to reward positive behaviours and track behaviours that may be causing some concern. By downloading the app or by going on-line you can stay up to-date with your child’s progress. Log-in details have been sent by the school but if you need help to log on please contact the school office.

Attending Meetings

For now, almost all meetings with parents will be on-line. Your support in being present at any meeting for young people is always very helpful. It is imperative that your voice, and that of your young person, is heard as this supports the plans we make for our young people.

Family learning programmes

Although paused for now, we hope to re-establish opportunities for parents to come to the school and learn about different aspects of school life. More details will follow this session.

Social Media

We are very active on social media and our school Facebook page is a great way to keep informed. Please remember, we are not responding to queries through this page. All queries must be directed towards the school office via telephone or through emailing

Parental Surveys

At times throughout the session, we will survey young people and parents/carers on their views. If you are sent a link to a survey, please complete this. This supports the work we do and helps us to ensure your views are heard.

School Website

Our school website is a great landing place to find out more about the school. You can access key documents and policies through and find out more about us. You’ll find us at

Keeping in touch

We want to assure you all that at any time you can contact the school. Our job is to support our young people and our families, and we pride ourselves in doing this to the best of our ability. We may often reach out to you through email, phone and text and where required. Responding to our messages and contacting the school is a great way to keep involved.

Thank you for all you are doing and for your continued support at this most challenging of times for us all.

If any parent/carer wishes to discuss any matter please contact me via

Yours faithfully,

Mr Hunter

Head Teacher